How to send large files online? Check out the tips!

When you are doing a job where you need to send large files, how do you do it? We already know that traditional email servers don’t accept very large files, so what would be the best way to send?

The vast majority of emails send up to a maximum of 30 MB in attached files. This capacity is very small when you need to upload videos, photos or other larger files. For that, there are some very interesting tools that will solve the file sharing problem .

That way, we’ll go through a list of 10 ways to send large files and leave you worry-free. Also don’t forget to always keep a good internet plan from Claro or TIM to get the job done.

10 ways to send large files

Below are 10 perfect apps and tools that are perfect for you to have no problems sending large files. Check out:

1. Compact

A file that does not exceed the 25 MB limit can be compressed to be directly attached to the email. This way, you get about 60% reduction in size with ZIP, depending on the type of file . In fact, it is often integrated with Windows and macOS .

Likewise, you can use the RAR extension that has a higher compression rate or the 7Zip that promises an even greater one. Both need the specific program to be used.

2. Google Drive

Within Gmail itself you have the option to access your Google Drive . You can store several files up to 15 GB and you can purchase more capacity.

When you send an email through Gmail and the attachment is very large, it automatically offers to share the link via Drive. You can also share directly from Drive with others who can even edit your documents.

3. OneDrive

This is the Drive for Microsoft Outlook users. Like Google Drive, it offers cloud storage automatically when you try to attach a file larger than 33 MB.

You can also choose to click directly on “upload and share as a OneDrive link”.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox itself is a much more comprehensive tool. It can be used for synchronization and file sharing between users of the program. However, at the moment we want to focus on your ability to send large files, which does not imply that the recipient is required to have a Dropbox account.

Either way, you who are going to send the file must have a Dropbox account. That way, you will use Dropbox Transfer. If you have the free basic plan, the maximum file size you can upload is 100 MB.

However, if you are part of the Plus and Business Standard plans, the size is already increased to 2 GB. As well, if you have Professional, Business Advanced, Enterprise and Education plans, you will have a 100 GB transfer limit.

To send, you can go to the Transfer page or choose a file that is saved on your computer and request the transfer. When she is ready, you will receive a link that you can paste into your email, or even send by message from WhatsApp or other social networks.

You can even see how many times the file has been viewed or downloaded and can deactivate the link at any time.

5. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a temporary storage program, that is, it can only be used if there is no problem losing the file after a while.

You have the option of the free level and also the Pro level. The first accepts transfers of up to 2 GB at a time, the second, which costs US $ 12 per month, the transfer is now 20 GB. In addition, those who are Pro also get other expiration dates, password protection of files and even a one-year subscription to the  Headspace meditation and mindfulness app .

On the WeTransfer page you can attach the files and type a message, with a brief explanation of what it is, if you prefer. Poetryus To send them you will need to enter the recipient’s email.

However, you can choose to generate a link that you can share however you want. Just remembering that if you are using the free version, the link will be valid for one week.

6. Smash

This is practically the dream program if you want to send large files: there is no size limit, no registration is required and on top of that it is free.

As with WeTransfer, in Smash you attach the files you want to send on the website’s main page. You can generate a link or send the attached files by e-mail, you only need to inform your e-mail to have access.

It is also temporary storage, so your files are kept for seven days and you will receive an email notification each time someone downloads them. And yet: the recipient can preview before downloading.

If you want, you can also opt for a paid plan, that way you will have added features like: password protection and the ability to keep files for up to one year.

7. Transfernow

With Transfernow you can send files of up to 4 GB for free, being able to choose to generate a link or by e-mail and it is not necessary to register.

You can transfer up to 250 files and share them with up to twenty people at the same time. However, up to 5 transfers per day are allowed.

You can program when your files will be sent and for how long they will be valid, with a maximum time of seven days.

You can password protect your file and be notified when they download. You can also opt for a paid package, which increases the files to be transferred to 500, with a total capacity of 20 GB for up to fifty people.

8. TransferXL

Another free option, TransferXL allows you to transfer files up to 5 GB at once. In addition, you can send as many files as you like, with the protection of an end-to-end encryption system.

There are 10 GB per day that the site limits you, and you can send your files not only by email, but also through social networks, using a link. However, the files expire in 6 days.

The paid package increases the shipping capacity to 6 GB with a 6-month expiration date.

9. Send Anywhere

Another good option to send large files using the main page of the site. Send Anywhere allows you to send up to 10 GB at once and it’s free .

Like many of the other programs, you can not only send by email but also share on social networks. Send Anywhere has another sending option, the program generates a QR code with a six-digit key to be read by the device that will receive the content. This will be available for up to 48 hours.

It also has a paid package. In it the shipment becomes 1 TB at a time, with files up to 50 GB and with a personalized expiration period for each shipment.

10. Filemail

This is for those who need to send giant files! Filemail allows sending up to 50 GB at a time. In addition, it is free and has no transfer amount limit.

Like the others, you can generate a link for sharing or send the files by email. That way, you can also send a personalized message with a brief summary of what the transfer is about.

The expiration date can be configured, ranging from one day to a week. Like the others, it also has a paid package. In this case, the transfers will be without size limit or expiration date.

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